Repairing a Carpet Using Carpet Remnants

A carpet remnant refers to strips or pieces of carpet that are left over from the initial carpet installation process. They vary in size depending on the size and shape of the room in which the carpet was installed. It is a good idea to use these remnants in the area of your carpet that experiences high traffic. The remnants will protect the carpet from wearing out fast.

You can actually cut carpet remnants to the exact size that you need to cover a part of the carpet that is damaged. It is for this reason that you need to save all your unused carpet so that you can use later as carpet remnants. Some people choose to sell their carpet remnants but it is safer to keep some just in case because you might need them in the future.

Many factors lead to the need for carpet repair. For example, the carpet might have a stubborn stain that cannot come out. In some cases, the carpet may look flattened and discolored at the high traffic area. Also, might tear up a part of the carpet leaving an obvious dent or hole. If any of the above things do occur, you do not have to necessarily go the shop and buy a brand new carpet. There is a cheaper and economical way to handle such cases. Simply use carpet remnants to repair your already existing carpet.

Repairing the carpet using leftover carpet strips is very easy. Once the job is complete, the results are always amazing. The first thing you need to do is consider the areas with high traffic. You then repair any part of the carpet that is torn. If there is a dent or stain that you wish to cover, cut the exact size of a carpet remnant to have a perfect finish. Using carpet remnants will result in a perfect job because the remnants will be of the same color, material, and texture because they originate from your existing carpet.

The question many people will ask is: what should you do if you never saved up your carpet remnants? In such cases, you can go to the carpet stores and you will find a matching carpet remnant. If you shop around and do not find one totally, then you can consider ‘stealing’ a piece from under the closet or any piece of furniture that you rarely move. This, of course, means that you will never move that furniture whatsoever once you cut the carpet underneath.

Carpet remnants are not only used for repairing carpets. You can actually be more creative with them. You can cut them into small pieces and place them under the legs of furniture so that they do not make a permanent indentation on your furniture. You can also use them as floor mats which you can place strategically at the entryways. You can also place them in the kitchen, especially near the sink or below the worktops to provide comfort to the feet as you prepare your meals.

You will realize that carpet remnants serve many purposes. For this reasons, you should keep them rather than disposing of them because you will need them later. Instead of spending so much money replacing the entire carpet, why not try using carpet remnants?

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